An Official Perrigo, Inc. Release

As a trusted supplier of valves for the last 100 years, Perrigo Inc. has established themselves as experts in the Biopharm industry. Whether your process involves manufacturing large-molecule drugs, biofuels, cosmetics, or any other high-purity or aseptic process, ITT has the solutions and decades of experience to deliver the most reliable, process-proven, stainless steel, hygienic diaphragm valves you need. As North America’s largest distributor of ITT Pure-Flo hygienic diaphragm valves, Perrigo Inc. has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your flow control system comes together quickly, in an effective, coordinated manner. We would like to highlight and break down new and innovative technology introduced by ITT in the following press release:

M12 Connector, Observation window, Calibration target, Dongle Integrated Sensing Platform (ISP)

ITT Engineered Valves Integrated Sensing Platform (ISP)

An Ultra-Compact Design with Industry-Leading Calibration and Diagnostics Technology

ITT Inc.’s (NYSE: ITT) Engineered Valves brand is proud to introduce the Integrated Sensing Platform (ISP), a cutting edge valve sensing platform developed to reliably monitor valve position. With advanced capabilities in calibrating, operating, and communicating with diaphragm valves, the ISP provides customers reduced piping footprint, shortened set up time and simplified operation.

ISP mouned EnviZion valve

“Engineered Valves is at the forefront of diaphragm valve innovation,” said Dave Loula, Global Product Director for ITT Engineered Valves. “With the new ISP, we are surpassing our competitors by merging our valve expertise with superior position sensing and network communications technology. Our ultra-compact ISP with automatic calibration will provide customers with the most advanced sensing devices for their EnviZion®, Pure-Flo®, and Dia-Flo® valves.”

The ISP sensing module is closely integrated with the patent-pending valve actuator to provide a compact assembly, up to 70 percent shorter than current assemblies on the market. The non-contact sensing technology provides highly accurate and repeatable valve position feedback with no moving parts to wear. Calibration of the device is fast and simple, whether utilizing the external magnetic dongle or with the newly created ISP app.

The ISP app will allow customers to remotely calibrate and operate their valves through a series of steps on an iPhone or iPad. The app offers users the ability to track valve performance over time and to log specific valve information and maintenance history. The information is easily accessed and reviewed via the app.

Other unique features of the ISP include:

  • Ultra-compact design: The space-saving interface between the ISP and valve actuator provides customers with significantly shorter overall height and reduces valuable footprint inside of tightly designed piping and skid systems.
  • Automatic calibration: Simple, reliable calibration via a dongle or the ISP app reduces start-up and commissioning time, getting users into operation faster.
  • Diagnostic option: Employing Bluetooth connectivity, the ISP app diagnostic feature allows the user to remotely collect valve performance data and record important maintenance information.
    Internal solenoid option: The integrated internal solenoid eliminates bulky external accessories and allows for simple override of the ISP for operation and commissioning.
  • Magnetoresistance sensing: Utilizing advanced, non-contact sensing, the ISP delivers highly accurate and repeatable position indication, thus eliminating inaccurate feedback to the main control system.
  • Multiple output / bus options: A variety of discrete and network output options gives the system designer great flexibility in specifying the ISP for Biopharma and Industrial applications.
  • High-visibility position indication: The high-visibility LEDs allow the user to clearly see the valve position and calibration status. Further, the ISP app features a wink command that triggers the LED lights to blink, thus allowing an operator to quickly locate the desired valve.
  • Sealed, potted electronics: The unit is completely sealed with fully potted electronics meeting IP67 and NEMA 4X, eliminating the risk of water damage during system wash-downs and avoiding mishaps that arise when conventional switch packages are opened.
  • Observation window: The ISP is the only sensor in its class that allows direct visual confirmation of actuator spindle movement, allowing the user to validate valve operation without removing the device.