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Fristam Pumps

Fristram Pumps

Fristam is distinguished as the leading manufacturer of high-quality, sanitary, stainless steel pumps such as the FDS twin screw pump, along with the FPR and FP Series of centrifugal pumps, FZX Series of sanitary liquid-ring pumps, FKL positive displacement pumps, and the FS Series shear blender. Fristam provides gentle and adept handling of clean water, large particulates, and shear-sensitive critical products. Fristam pumps excel at pumping hot water for injection (HWFI), buffer solution, whole blood, and biopharmaceutical solutions. Perrigo provides complete technical support and services the full line of Fristam pumps.

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Fristam Maintenance Series: FDS Twin Screw Pump

Fristam Maintenance Series: FKL Positive Displacement Pump

Fristam Maintenance Series: FKL Pumps Shaft and Gearbox

Fristam Maintenance Series: FPR Centrifugal Pumps

Fristam Maintenance Series: FS Shear Blender

Fristam Maintenance Series: FZX Liquid Ring Pump

Fristam Maintenance Series: FP and FPX Centrifugal Pumps